Requirements for Athletic Participation

Requirements for Athletic Participation

The following requirements must be met before a student at OHS may try out for a team or participate in any athletic activity at OHS.

1) The athlete must complete the DragonFly Pre-Participation Registration for the current school year and have a current GHSA PHYSICAL EXAMINATION FORM and MEDICAL ELIGIBILITY FORM on file with the athletic director.  Please turn in a hard copy of the completed physical to Gidget Gue in the OHS main office.  DragonFly should be completed at least one week prior to the team tryout or activity.

You may access the online Pre-participation Registration at and click ‘log In/Sign Up’ to get started or download the DragonFlyMAX app from the App Store or Google Play.

Copies of the GHSA Physical Forms are available for pickup in the OHS main office.  You may visit or to download and print the physical forms.

This is the only form that is accepted and it must be signed by a licensed  physician, a licensed Nurse Practitioner, or a Physician’s Assistant provided this person has been delegated that task by an M.D. or D.O.  Please make sure that the student information is filled out at the top of each page. In addition to the required signature on the PHYSICAL EXAMINATION FORM and MEDICAL ELIGIBILITY FORM, make sure that each form is dated, the physician’s name is printed, along with the address and phone number on each form.

The physical is valid for one calendar year.

2) The athlete must have passed at least five classes the previous semester.  Term 4 grades for the upcoming fall season and Term 2 grades for upcoming spring season.  The only exception is students entering 9th grade in August.

3) The athlete must be on track to graduate.

10th graders must have earned at least 5 high school credits

11th graders must have earned at least 11 high school credits

12th graders must have earned at least 17 high school credits

4)  The athlete must be currently enrolled in classes equaling 2½ credits with Ola High School.

5) The athlete must have insurance coverage.

6)  The athlete must not have reached his 19th birthday prior to May 1st, preceding his/her year of participation.